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The NYS Construction Grant Program is an annually funded competitive grant program to support facilities projects in public libraries in New York State. The grant funds are part of the NYS budget, administered through the Division of Library Development (DLD) and the public library systems to public libraries. UHLS receives an annual allotment of grant funds based on the total population of the UHLS service area. The member libraries complete and submit an application for grant funding. All projects must meet the NYS construction grant rules for eligibility to be considered for funding. The UHLS Board of Trustees is responsible for determining the award distribution among the applying libraries each year. The UHLS Board uses several tools to guide its award determination each year.

This is a matching grant program which requires the library to provide local funds to pay the balance of the total project cost. In accordance with NYS law, the maximum grant funding is set at 50% of the total project cost. However, the law allows awards up to 75% of the total project cost for libraries serving “economically disadvantaged communities.” Each public library system has the authority to define the criteria used to determine eligibility for grant funding between 50% and 75%.

For much more information about the grant program please visit the Construction Grant section of the NYS DLD website at Of particular note are the Program Guidelines and Instructions and the Frequently Asked Questions sections.

There are several links below to additional UHLS specific information about the construction grant program. Please contact Tim Burke at UHLS if you have additional questions about this program.

UHLS Construction Grant Typical Timeline (PDF)

UHLS 75% and 90% Criteria Outline (PDF)

Current Year UHLS 75% and 90% Eligibility Chart (PDF)

UHLS Guidelines for Construction Grant Evaluation (PDF)

UHLS Construction Grant Funding History Chart (PDF)

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