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Early Literacy Kids Coding Kits:

Squishy Circuits Kit: Twelve individual Squishy Circuits kits to use in working with kids to learn about electric circuits

MaKey MaKey Kits:
Two MaKey MaKey kits to use in working with kids to invent things with a circuit board, alligator clips, and everyday objects.

iPads in Storytime Kits: One iPad loaded with 20 apps usable as storytime extensions, a projector, and everything you need to make both work together.

Create A Chain Reaction Kit: STEM concepts of gravity, force, and momentum are the focus as kids set up a course of ramps, pendulums, and hammers for a ball to reach a goal box.

Green Screen Kit: a 10 x 24 foot green backdrop, a tripod to hold the backdrop, and one iPad with a tutorial.

Check the calendar to see when kits are available. Consider travel days needed when deciding when to book.

To request a kit send an email to


The below guidelines are just that – guidelines. We offer you all the flexibility possible. Call us with your needs!

  1. Kits check out for seven (7) days including delivery and return.
  2. Kits may be renewed if no one is waiting.
  3. Items in Early Literacy Kids Coding Kit, Squishy Circuits and MaKey MaKey kits are to be used collaboratively by kids with adult supervision nearby. There are pieces in the kits which must be handled with care.
  4. We’ll use understanding and reason in assessing any damages to the kit.
  5. Some kits contain consumable supplies that must be supplied by borrowing library. Consumable supplies are listed under kit contents.


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