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Program Kits

The purpose of the kits is to promote family literacy skill through family storytimes. Each kit focuses on a theme, and includes stories, activities, and equipment. In addition to the storytime items in each kit, there is a program sheet. Consumable items that need to be supplied by each user group are listed. Resource titles are listed with each kit and books can be borrowed at or through member libraries.

Kit materials should be considered a resource, not a prescription. Each librarian should use whatever kit materials are appropriate for their group and should feel free to combine kit components with other materials of their own choosing. The resource booklists include titles of other activity books filled with appropriate activities for this age group. Feel free to “experiment”!


Families share good books, create their own chocolatey story and do a chocolate rose craft using edible chocolate clay.

Families learn what gargoyles are and why they are made, share poems, see a gargoyle carved by a stonecutter, look at photos of gargoyles on local buildings and make a gargoyle mask.

Stained Glass
Families learn how stained glass is made, see and touch an example, and learn about Tiffany windows in the area.

Paper Collage
Families learn about how artists like Eric Carle make paper collage, and try collage techniques.

Check the calendar to see when kits are available. Consider travel days needed when deciding when to book.

To request a kit send an email to


The below guidelines are just that – guidelines. We offer you all the flexibility possible. Call us with your needs!

  1. Kits check out for fourteen (14) days including delivery and return.
  2. Kits may be renewed.
  3. Items in kits are not to be used as toys for a single child’s entertainment, but are to be used by an adult to promote family literacy in a group setting. There are pieces in the kits which must be handled with care.
  4. We’ll use understanding and reason in assessing any damages to the kit.
  5. Some kits contain consumable supplies that must be supplied by borrowing agency. Consumable supplies are listed under kit contents.


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