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Deborah Canzano
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Scope The local history collection of the Cohoes Public Library has materials on Cohoes and the surrounding are including Troy. It also collects some materials on Albany County. Manuscript collections are related to the city of Cohoes and organizations based there.
Local History Monographs on local history
City Directories for Troy
Vertical files - predominately clippings and pamphlets of local interest, but includes some original materials
High School yearbooks
Local newspapers
Archives Joseph L. Payette & Co. (feed merchants) records
Pike Construction Co. records
Red Cross - Cohoes Chapter records
Bradburn Cocker - books and ledgers
Fire logs - Cataract Engine Co. (1857-1868) and Campbell Hose Co. (1871-1878)
C.H. Adams’ Zouaves records (1874)
Harmony Mills Co. Day Book
Scrapbook collection
Election district map book (1936)
Cohoes High School scrapbooks
Cohoes Library archives
Artifacts Mastodon (model)
Fire equipment

Online Collection of Primary Sources

Online.gif (1353 bytes) Records from the Cataract Engine Co. No. 1, 1852-1858.

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