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Scope Troy Public Library traces its history to 1799 when citizens formed a public library. In 1835 the Young Men’s Association was formed and carried the library banner until 1885 when it merged with the Free Reading Room to create a free public library for Troy. The present historic building was opened in 1897. The local history collection of the Troy Public Library includes local history monographs, genealogical materials, vertical files, manuscript collections and the archives of the library. The collection covers the city of Troy, Rensselaer County and some neighboring areas in Albany and Saratoga counties. The library also has a unique collection of paintings, sculpture and memorabilia.
Local History Local history monographs
Vertical files
City directories (Troy c.1829- )
Newspapers (Troy & Lansingburgh) - some on microfilm
High school yearbooks
Church records (typescript)
Common Council Minutes 1801-1987 (Troy)
Controller reports (Troy)
Genealogy Monographs
Family histories
Vertical files
Periodicals - Mayflower Descendants. NY Genealogical & Biographical Record, etc.
Archives Richmond Photographic Portrait Collection
Rensselaer Photographic Collection
Postcard collection
L.E.Miller Photograph Album
John Edwin Mason Album
Troy picture file
Troy Newspaper Carriers Records
Book plate collection
League of Women Voters Records
Troy Public Library Archives
Young Men’s Association Records
Artifacts Paintings
Bird collection

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