Youth Services Minutes

April 11, 2003—UHLS
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

In attendance:

Barb Goetschius (RCS Community Library), Suzanne Winkler (Guilderland Public Library), Jendy Murphy (Albany Public Library), Ann-Marie Cicchinelli (William K. Sanford Town Library), Lee Ricci (East Greenbush Community Library), Pat Sahr (Nassau Free Library), Sharon Hodges (Petersburg Public Library), Carol Gaillard (Cheney Library), Dave Cole (William K. Sanford Town Library), Kim Kniele (Troy Public Library), Darlene Miller (Castleton Public Library), Lisa Neuman (Menands Public Library), Rebecca Lubin (Rensselaerville Library), Kathy Stempel (Berne Public Library), Beverly Provost (Bethlehem Public Library), Diane Riganti (UHLS), Mary Fellows (UHLS)

Pre- and post-meeting

Seven folks from small libraries met before the meeting for the small library concerns discussion. After the meeting, four representatives of larger libraries met for discussion. Attendees also had the opportunity to choose books for their libraries from Mary’s collection of books received last year as a member of the Notable Books for Children Committee.

UHLS updates

Riverway Storytelling Festival

Mary reported that the Festival was a success overall, despite the winter ice storm that continued throughout the activities. Particular highlights were the Thursday evening performances in UHLS libraries, where mostly adults enjoyed storytelling in their home communities. Rebecca Lubin (RVLL), Sharon Hodges (PETE), Darlene Miller (CAST), and Kim Kniele (TROY) gave brief overviews of the Riverway Storytelling programs in their local libraries. Mary reported that there would be a second annual Riverway Storytelling Festival.

Community Outreach

 Ann-Marie Cicchinelli (COLN) discussed William K. Sanford Town Library Youth Services Outreach Participation and offered a handout on the types of outreach done.

News From You

Bethlehem Public Library did a program with no cook recipes, which was successful and fun. APL also did a cooking program at their Howe Branch as a fundraiser.

Beth, David and Ann-Marie (COLN) went to YSS Spring Conference. Dave and Ann-Marie shared highlights.

IPAC Suggestions

Peter, Rawdon and Rob were present for this discussion. Mary announced that the latest news from Dynix is that KidsPac will be ready in June. She made a careful distinction between KidsPac, the module from Dynix, and a Kids Tab, which UHLS would add to its Ipac. Mary explained that the Kids Tab in Ipac and the KidsPac were two different things. A Kids Tab would allow users (likely adults such as parents and teachers) to limit their search to juvenile and YA collections, without having to use KidsPac and its heavily graphical, elementary searching interface meant for children.

The group then spent some time reviewing a handout and agreeing on limits for a Kids Tab in the Ipac. After much debate, the following were chosen: Picture Books, Juvenile Fiction, Young Adult, Juvenile Nonfiction, Readers, Parent/Teacher, Music, Juvenile Reference, Audio Books/Spoken, Juvenile Video/DVD, Series, Other Media.

As time ran out, the group agreed to pursue KidsPac customization ideas at the next meeting.

Next Meeting: Friday, May 16, 2003 - UHLS