Youth Services Minutes

February 28, 2003 - UHLS
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

In attendance:
Barbara Goetschius (RCS Community Library), Cherry Neil (Guilderland Public Library), Suzanne Winkler (Guilderland Public Library), Beth Nagel (Sand Lake Town Library & Brunswick Community Library), Lee Ricci (East Greenbush Community Library), Lisa Neuman (Menands Public Library), Kathy Stempel (Berne Public Library), Ginny LaJuene (Altamont Free Library), Darlene Miller (Castleton Public Library), Beverly Provost (Bethlehem Public Library), Kim Kniele (Troy Public Library), Ann-Marie Cicchinelli (William K. Sanford Town Library), Joyce Laiosa (Voorheesville Public Library), Diane Riganti (UHLS) Mary Fellows (UHLS)

Pre- and post-meeting
Three folks from small libraries met before the meeting for the small library concerns discussion. After the meeting, five representatives of larger libraries met for discussion.

UHLS updates:
SRP Workshop is next Thursday, March 6, at Schenectady County Public Library. Mary will email directions to participants early next week.

Lobby Day March 18 – Mary asked the group to consider coming to Lobby Day. There will be a rally on the Capitol steps from 12:30-1:30. Close-by libraries are asked to encourage daycares and schools to bring their students. Notify Mary if you can participate.

Summer Reading Program – there is discussion at a statewide level of changing the way the statewide SRP is created. Mary and Beverly Provost will attend a meeting on March 31 at Bethlehem Public Library at which other possibilities will be discussed.

Riverway Story Festival – Mary will send out complete information to libraries very soon. YS librarians are especially encouraged to attend the Saturday morning workshops on storytelling.

Storytelling Camp report:
Mary reported on the process of the LSTA grant Imagination River Storytelling Camp. Participating librarians Kim Kniele, Darlene Miller, and Ginny LaJuene shared opinions, anecdotes, and pictures from the camps, and answered questions. All three felt it to be a very successful experience with lots of positive public relations for the library. The main drawback expressed was the lack of time to do other programming during the school break week with the storytelling camp going on. Without a representative from Albany Public Library, Mary briefly discussed some of the difficulties encountered in that camp situation, which stemmed primarily from the reading and focus level of the class chosen by the school to participate. She noted that positive though smaller scale results were nevertheless realized there as well.

LSTA and other grant ideas for next year
The group brainstormed the following ideas for possible grant projects:

The Advisory Council went through the iPAC and identified issues and concerns, and made suggestions.
Question: when we get KidsPAC, does it search just YA and juvenile books?

News from You
Lee (East Greenbush Community Library) highly recommends Beth Bidwell from the Wildlife Institute. She is in the Performers database

Darlene (Castleton Public Library) has a very successful chess club meeting on Monday nights.

Joyce (Voorheesville Public Library) has started a very successful “Readers Recommends” display.

Cherry (Guilderland Public Library) the Board of Trustees has approved a position for a YA Librarian. Guilderland Public Library has received a Grant from DEMCO.

Great Reads
Kim (Troy Public Library) Catalyst-Laurie Halse Anderson
Mary (UHLS) Heir Apparent-Vivian Vande Velde

Next Meeting: Friday, April 11, 2003 - UHLS