Youth Services Minutes

September 20, 2002 – UHLS

In attendance: Julia Doellefeld (BETH), Jen Ward (APLM), Barbara Goetschius (RCSC), Kathy Stempel (BERN), Lee Ricci (EGRN), Rebecca Lubin (RVLL), Lisa Neuman (MEND), Anne-Marie Cicchinelli (COLN), Carol Gaillard (HOOF), Sharon Hodges (PETE), Darlene Miller (SNLK& CAST), Kim Kniele (TROY), Diane Berger (TROY), Cherry Neil (GUIL), Dorothy Holt (GUIL), Ginny LaJuene (ALTM), Bobbi Crowther (VAFL), Verna Bink (SCHG), Barbara Kubli (STEP), Mary Fellows (UHLS)

Pre- and post-meeting
Representatives of fifteen libraries reviewed children’s and YA books from publishers, discussed the books with one another, and had the opportunity to choose among them for their own collections.

UHLS Updates

Families Read! grant – Mary announced that extra family reading brochures were available and would be sent out to all UHLS libraries or could be picked up today. Participating libraries received a brochure holder as well.

Storytelling camp – The LSTA grant Imagination River Storytelling Camp grant has been funded. Participating libraries are Altamont, Albany Public Main, Castleton, and Troy Lansingburg. Storytellers will go into a middle school class in the partner schools and work with students. Selected students will attend a three-day storytelling “camp” at the public library during the February school break. Student campers will perform at Riverway Storytelling Festival and at the public library. A CD will be made of their performances for circulation through the library.

Arts grant – After considering suggestions and whether arts grant performers should be local, reasonable and available to some libraries anyway or something more special, Mary has contacted Das Puppenspiel, a puppetry group from Westfield, NY, who has performed at theatres, schools, festivals and even with live orchestras. ( Mary passed around the brochure from the group. Negotiations are ongoing, but she will get information out shortly. Also, she needs a Rensselaer county library to be the applicant for the Rensselaer County arts grant, since UHLS can’t apply. Mary writes the grant and does 90% of the work. The applicant library supplies financial records, signatures on the application, and receives the check. Mark asked anyone able to do this to contact her.

Riverway Storytelling Festival – Mary reported progress on the festival including WAMC as a partner and their auditorium as a venue for the Friday evening family concert, Times Union as a media partner, and the Egg as the location for the Saturday evening adult concert. Barbara Kubli asked if Stephentown was on the list for a Thursday night performance, and Mary agree to double-check. Mary also noted that the number of libraries hosting Thursday performances might end up being limited by the number of tellers available and/or adequate funds to pay the tellers. The dates for the festival are April 3-5, 2003.

Pool collection – Schools are taking discontinued pool books currently. September 30 is the last day for them to do so. On October 1 at 8:30 a.m., the discontinued pool books will be fair game for anyone wanting them for their book sale on a first come, first served basis.

Horizon migration – Mary reported that the plan is for the essential modules to come up in the fall, and non-essentials modules (of which Kids Catalog is one) to be brought up later, probably after the first of the year.

YS workshop topics – Mary thanked the group for returning the survey, which will help her plan for meetings, discussion and workshops.

Choosing Ellison dies – a catalog of Ellison dies was passed around for suggestions for dies to be purchased, especially in preparation for summer reading program next year.

Summer Reading Program debriefing
Successes and learning were shared by participants, including remembering to ask for help, approaching Friends groups for money, and using teen volunteers.

Adult summer reading program
Following up on a suggestion from the May meeting that we encourage our adult services colleagues to consider running SRP for adults, the group brainstormed ideas and motivation for such clubs. Mary will provide the list to Jo-Ann Benedetti.

Examining our biases in selecting materials
The in-service topic presented briefly by Mary and followed by a group discussion concerned why libraries exist, a brief history of public libraries’ handling of controversial materials, and being aware of and compensating for our own biases. Participants were asked to identify their own biases and to think about what if any role community values and board/director viewpoint played in selection. Discussion included graphic novels, concerns from other staff, and self-censorship.

News From You/ You Name It
Kathy Stempel (BERN) reported on her successful Fairy Tale Jeopardy program. Rebecca Lubin announced that RVLL’s renovations have created some fresh functionality within existing space.

Performer mini-showcase
Carol Ann Margolis, local performer who does interactive science programs, gave a fast-paced demonstration of her programs, complete with live butterflies. Programs last one hour with all materials provided. Her fee is $100 per program plus mileage for locations more than 20 miles from Albany. Carol can be reached at or at 439-8855. Kim Kniele at Troy and Ginny LaJuene at Altamont have both had her and recommend her enthusiastically.

Next Meeting
October 18, Bethlehem Public Library
9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Small library concerns discussion group
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon YSAC meeting
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Large library concerns discussion group

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Fellows, Youth Services Consultant