Youth Services Minutes

May 17, 2002 – UHLS

In attendance: Julia Doellefeld (BETH), Deidre McGrath (APLM), Barbara Goetschius (RCSC), Kathy Stempel (BERN), Lee Ricci (EGRN), Rebecca Lubin (RVLL), Lisa Neuman (MEND), Dave Cole (COLN), Beth Bomba (COLN), Carol Gaillard (HOOF), Sharon Hodges (PETE), Carolyn Durnin (GRAF), Pat Sahr (NASS), Darlene Miller (SNLK& CAST), Kim Kniele (TROY), Cherry Neil (GUIL), Suzanne Winkler (GUIL), Ginny LaJuene (ALTM), Joyce Laiosa (VOOR), Bobbi Crowther (VAFL), Diane Riganti (UHLS), Mary Fellows (UHLS)

Pre- and post-meeting
Representatives of seventeen libraries reviewed children’s and YA books from publishers, discussed the books with one another, and had the opportunity to choose among them for their own collections.

UHLS Updates
Families Read! grant – Mary announced that she and Sue Rokos from MVLA had been interviewed on WAMC’s “Round Table” program.

I Spy My Hometown grant – the website is up and available under “New” on the UHLS home page.

LSTA – Mary shared a description of the LSTA grant “Imagination River Storytelling Camp,” which has been proposed, given the go-ahead by the Directors Association, and is in process.

Pool Collection – the group was reminded that this is the last week for member library staff to come and choose materials from the discontinued pool collections. Next week begins the two-week period for community agency representatives to come to UHLS, with their member library representative, to choose materials. Mary suggested contacting public and private schools, daycares, etc. to offer them this opportunity.

Noting the decision last meeting to invite one performer/presenter to each meeting to “sell” their services, Mary asked whether the group preferred more visual performers or would like presenters such as authors included. The consensus was that it would be good to have a mix. Mary noted that she planned to ask performers/presenters who had not yet been widely used by UHLS libraries. She requested that libraries using someone new whom they recommended drop her a note.

Mary mentioned an idea that had arisen about having a potluck of YS folks. She asked if the group wanted to have a noon potluck after the first meeting in September. There was agreement and general enthusiasm about the idea, including a possible plan to create food related to children’s books (such as Joyce’s suggestion of “Mary Popovers”). The potluck will be scheduled after the first fall YSAC meeting, September 20.

Publicity questions
Mary noted that one library had suggested coordinating publicity when more than one library was doing the same program as a result of a reporter’s complaint that they had already received information on that program. Mary’s information from a professional publicist and the group’s consensus was that sending multiple news releases did no harm and might do good.

Next year’s meetings and continuing education
Mary asked if the plan of one day of continuing education in the fall – rather than several days throughout the year, or a series of days - was still the right amount of training. The group indicated that it was. She mentioned that before we had the opportunity to engage Patrick Jones for a full day last September, we had talked about collection management as a topic. Mary asked the group for other ideas they would like to see covered in training. Mentioned were: storytelling, readers advisory for helping patrons choose books on a particular grade level, public library/school relationship, home schooling, hands-on-science activities, middle management issues, and designing YA spaces. The last topic could be brought to UHLS by a woman who did a program at the YSS Spring Conference and may offer consulting to individual libraries on their own spaces. Mary indicated that the Continuing Education Subcommittee was getting together after the meeting to rough out a plan for this fall’s workshop and also a topic for next fall’s workshop. Concern was also raised about being aware of what is happening at UHLS. Mary volunteered to have the UHLS newsletter sent directly to YS librarians.

A discussion of identifying and coping with burnout was held, with many good ideas offered by members and a handout created by Mary.

News From You/ You Name It
Ginny touted a Beatrix Potter program done by a local retired teacher. She will get information and send to Mary for distribution. Kim told about Carol Ann Margolis, a nature presenter, who has done five programs for Troy. Lee asked for ideas for an end of SRP presenter. Julia told about BETH’s ideas for their annual participation in the Memorial Day parade. Rebecca announced receipt of a Libri grant for children’s books. Beth and David noted that they would show the Harry Potter movie 3 days after it is out on video. They have a license to show this movie. Barbara gave information on the Read to Feed program of Heifer International.

Performer mini-showcase
Author Susannah Risley, from Schenectady, discussed the writing workshops for kids and teens she offers at libraries and schools. Cost at this time is generally $125 for a 90-minute workshop, but she will also negotiate.

Next Meetings
Meeting, September 20, UHLS
9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Book review
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon YSAC meeting
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Potluck and more book review

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Fellows, Youth Services Consultant