Youth Services Minutes

April 12, 2002 – Menands Public Library

In attendance: Lisa Neuman (MEND), Dave Cole (COLN), Carol Gaillard (HOOF), Sharon Hodges (PTRB), Pat Sahr (NASS), Darlene Miller (SNLK & CAST), Kim Kniele (TROY), Cherry Neil (GUIL), Barbara Sinacore (GUIL), Ginny LaJuene (ALTM), Joyce Laiosa (VOOR), Bobbi Crowther (VAFL), Diane Riganti (UHLS), Mary Fellows (UHLS)

Six representatives of small libraries met to discuss small library concerns.

UHLS Updates
SRP planning workshop – the workshop was recapped briefly and comments shared. Evaluations were all positive and indicated a wish for the workshop to be done next year. Mary announced the 2003 SRP theme: “Picture This- Imagine That!”

Questar III’s cooperative summer workshop for school and public librarians in its region will be on the “Big 6,” the research process initiated by Bob Berkowitz. It will be held July 29-30 at Taconic Hills. More information will be forthcoming.

I Spy My Hometown grant – web work is being done and web sites will be up soon so everyone can see.

Families Read! grant – Questar BOCES special ed class stuffed 2400 bags for us, and libraries are delivering now to schools. There have been very positive reactions from students and from school staff. Mary exhibited the bag contents and t-shirt.

Albany and Rensselaer counties arts grants - Dates have been finalized for Mother Goose Jazz Band performances. Mary sent out information on extending the performance through other jazz-related programs. The MGJB will stay and do an extra hour of music for a teen (or family) swing dance for $500.

LSTA – Mary shared some thoughts about a new LSTA grant, and noted that the 2002 guidelines make more space for youth services, yet also open the grants to school library systems.

Catalog- Mary sent around pages printed from epixtech’s Kid’siPAC – the template epixtech will sell to libraries (printed from Following our work last fall on what we wanted to see, we gave our suggestions to epixtech and this is what they have developed. It is simply their template, and there is programming time paid for in our contract, which we may use to customize it further. Pat Sahr, member of the Implementation Team. Confirmed that the Imp Team is working with codes right now and are not at the “look and feel” of the catalog part of the process yet.

Mary raised the question of whether it is useful and a good use of meeting time to invite a performer to give us a 15-minute taste of what he or she does. The consensus was that it is very useful, as not everyone can make performer showcases and they aren’t held often. Members noted that it is especially helpful to see new people whom no one has had. Mary will begin to plan that in to future meetings

Promoting youth services and youth services librarians
A discussion of promoting our work to bosses, coworkers and the public was held, with many good ideas offered by members

News From You/ You Name It
Performer Michael Wolski, recently relocated to Great Barrington, MA, has offered a free performance to a UHLS library in Rensselaer County. From all of the names of RC libraries mixed together, Grafton was chosen to receive the free performance. Should Grafton not be able to accept, Valley Falls is their alternate.

A brief discussion of book club flyers that advertise books useful for SRP prizes was held. Members noted that it would be helpful for UHLS to have and distribute that information. Mary will check on it.

Performer mini-showcase
Michael Wolski, puppeteer from Great Barrington, MA, did a portion of his show William K. Whiskers.

Next Meetings
9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Book review
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon YSAC meeting
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Book review

Meetings will cease for the summer and resume again in September.

Respectively submitted,

Mary Fellows, Youth Services Consultant