Youth Services Minutes

February 15, 2002 – William K. Sanford Town Library

In attendance: Julia Doellefeld (BETH), Lisa Neuman (MEND), Micky Carpinello (EGRN), Beth Bomba (COLN), Ann-Marie Cicchinelli (COLN), Kim Kniele (TROY), Sharon Hodges (PETE), Carol Gaillard (HOOF), Cherry Neil (GUIL), Barbara Sinacore (GUIL), Barbara Goetschius (RCS), Jendy Murphy (APLM), Karen Basher (APLM), Deidre McGrath (APLM), Ginny LaJuene (ALTA), Rebecca Lubin (RVLL), Joyce Laiosa (VOOR), Bobbi Crowther (VAFL), Diane Riganti (UHLS), Mary Fellows (UHLS)

Six representatives of small libraries met to discuss small library concerns.

Nine representatives of large libraries met to discuss large library concerns.

UHLS Updates
Albany and Rensselaer counties arts grants - Dates are being selected for summer performances for the Mother Goose Jazz Band. Mary asked that, in preparation for next year’s grant applications, members think about whether it’s preferable to select a high-price performer that libraries may otherwise be unlikely to afford and risk a higher kick-in amount, or select a lower-priced performer who may be well-known and have performed at libraries previously but would cost less to libraries.

Families Read! grant – Libraries have received information on materials purchasing and programming. Publicity materials were passed around.

I Spy My Hometown grant – web work is being done and web sites will be mounted one library at a time, rather than in one fell swoop. We are close to mounting the first site.

Storytelling festival – A meeting on Monday of what has now become the Planning Committee determined the tentative date (April 3-5, 2003) and name (Riverway Storytelling Festival) of this new, Capital Region festival. Four committees have been formed: Program, Resources, Logistics, and Marketing and Public Relations. These committees will work independently and then report back to the planning committee. Mary encouraged YSAC members to participate and also to send her names of people they know who may be interested in working on the storytelling festival.

Newsletters from libraries – how to share?
The idea of sharing one another’s program news, from individual library or town newsletters, was discussed. It was decided that library staff interested in sharing will send their information to Mary, either pre-or post-publication in the library or town newsletter, and she will send it out electronically when possible and on paper with the next packet going out from her.

Doing successful school visit
Kim Kniele of Troy and Barbara Sinacore of Guilderland presented ideas for successful school visits to promote Summer Reading Program. Much discussion followed this thorough presentation.

Performer block booking/sharing
Attendees discussed performers informally and perused files of flyers.

News From You/ You Name It
SRP planning workshop – on for March 21 at Saratoga Springs Public Library. There will be a price break for additional people from the same library - $15 for the first person, $10 for each additional people from the same library, so libraries are encouraged to invite the volunteers and board members who help with your SRP. The workshop will run from 9:00 to 4:00. Registration forms will come out in delivery on Tuesday.

Youth Services Section Spring Symposium – flyers have gone out on this one-day conference, held in Rochester on Friday, April 26. Let Mary know if you are interested in going and would like to carpool.

Next Meetings
March 21 (SRP planning workshop at Saratoga Springs, April 12 (MEND), May 17 (UHLS)

Meeting, April 12, Menands
9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Small library concerns discussion
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon YSAC meeting
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Large library concerns discussion

Respectively submitted,

Mary Fellows, Youth Services Consultant