Resource Sharing Minutes

November 21, 2003 Meeting Notes

ATTENDEES: Amy Williams, Dawn Geurds, Geoffrey Kirkpatrick, Betty Albright, Jean Marie Cole, Mena Will, Rob Carle, Noralee Itchoak, Rawdon Cheng (notes), Gordon Noble, Gillian Leonard, Ryan Moore, Lorraine Smi, Amy Borzio-Andrews, Michael Sweeney, Barbara Kendall, Ann Stutzman

MINUTES FROM SEPTEMBER MEETING: Rob asked how many libraries had encountered, since the last meeting, items showing up as hold but the item was not in the library. GUIL had experienced this once and notified UHLS. Libraries should continue to inform UHLS if this happens.

REVIEW OF 7.3 ENHANCEMENT LIST: The group went over the circulation section of the enhancement release line by line.

REQUEST LIMITS FOR VIDEOS OR AUDIOS – GUIL accepts the idea of having a cap on total number of requests made by a patron but not on specific type of materials. EGRN felt there should not be any limit at all. In Horizon 7.3, there is the possibility of localizing this setting. If it is doable, UHLS will experiment with this and evaluate how it may impact the overall system performance.

NOTICE FOR LOST ITEMS – TROY brought up that if an item is declared lost, it should not have an overdue notice. It is possible and UHLS will change the code to reflect this.

ILL PROBLEM – no ILL items can be renewed; however, staff will be able to override this.

STANDARDIZED LANGUAGE FOR PRINTED NOTICES – due to the complexity of various types of notices and delivery methods (print, email, Telecirc), it is very difficult to keep track which library uses which option and which language. Standardized language will reduce the room for error. The Council proposes the following language for the printed notices:

1st notice: The materials listed below are overdue. Please return them promptly.

2nd notice: This your second notice that the materials listed below are overdue. Please return them immediately.

Bill: The material listed below is now considered lost. You are being billed for the replacement charges.

Hold: The following item is now available. You may pick it up before the expiration date.

These recommendations will be brought to ASC for approval.

SORT ORDER FOR OVERDUE OR HOLD – libraries will like this to be sorted in some order. UHLS will check if it can be done.

OTHER BUSINESS – Mike Sweeney asked if all questions raised by the Horizon 7.3 test team been answered. Rob answered Dynix had responded to most.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, January 15, 2004 at 9:00 AM.