Resource Sharing Minutes

October 16, 2003
Meeting Notes

ATTENDEES: Amy Williams, Joe Nash (notes), Debbie LaRose, Dawn Geurds, Amy Maurer, Ethel LaPier, Geoffrey Kirkpatrick, Betty Albright, Jean Marie Cole, Mena Will, Joanne Hayes, Rob Carle, Jo-Ann Benedetti, Noralee Itchoak.

MINUTES FROM SEPTEMBER MEETING: UHLAN Cards – What should the recommendation to the directors be? Attendees thought we should keep them.

LOST BOOKS: When and where should the patron record be cleared when paying for a lost book: when and where payment is made, or at the patron’s home library when that library receives the money? Currently, some libraries clear at payment and some let the home library clear the patron record. It was decided that the most important issue is that the patron record be cleared and that it should be done when payment is made. Rob will look into the credit/refund function to see if Dynix can turn it off. Rob will also look into the “lost to missing” status because sometimes items show up on the patron’s card after they have been checked in. Finally, Rob and Rawdon will try and find out why items that are not in the library will show on hold for a patron. Somehow the “Hold Notification” is being triggered.

MAXIMUN NUMBER OF REQUESTS: The issue is more of a problem with Videos and DVDs than with books. UHLS will see if perhaps reserves for videos and DVDs can be limited by ITYPE.

SCREEN WORDING: The “maximum number of requests is exceeded” message on the IPACs could be clearer and friendlier.

TEMPORARY ADDRESS vs. PERMANENT ADDRESS: Rawdon is looking at changing the wording. Also, the issue of patron notification by email was discussed. The email function is not turned on yet.


Horizon 7.3 will be turned on sometime during the first week of December. Everyone will be notified.

Tele-circ vs. Print notification: How will it work? What will or will not be seen on the screen and what will or will not be printed on hold slips?

The Ad Hoc Committee will discuss how the registration parameters will fit in with the yearly State Report.

Patrons changing their address and phone number through the IPAC doesn’t seem to work.

The word “Block” should be changed on the IPAC because it can be upsetting to patrons. The word “Messages” might be less threatening.

Rob reminded everyone to send problems and things they notice that aren’t right to him or Rawdon.

Next meeting will be Thursday, December 11, 2003 at 9:00 AM.