Resource Sharing Minutes

April 8, 2003 Meeting Notes

ILL Routing Slips (.doc format or .pub format)

Attendees: Gilliam Leonard (GUIL), Jean Marie Cole (GUIL), Lorraine Smi (VOOR), Geoff Kirkpatrick (BETH), Dawn Geurds (EGRN), Joe Nash (COLN), Amy Maurer (APLM), Mena Will (POES), Rob Carle (UHLS), Rawdon Cheng (UHLS), Karen Nuckolls (UHLS), Jo-Ann Benedetti--chair (UHLS), Noralee Itchoak--notes (UHLS).

Patron Registration Cards:  (Rob)

Revision of patron registration cards elicited much discussion. It was agreed that the online form should match the paper card as much as possible. Required fields for the online form are:  name, location, B-type, expiration date (automatically filled in), and the 2 stat classes. Jean Marie suggested separate fields for last and first names so it would print out correctly.

Suggestions for screen 1 and 2:



Street Address

City, State (line 4)


Code         location                  B type


Borrower note:  (Make it bigger)

PIN number—put it near phone number and make it all caps.


It was also suggested to make the “new borrower’ and the ‘edit borrower’ screens the same or at least similar.

Rachel will revise the borrower registration card and send it to everyone as an attachment. Karen will check with Dynix regarding changes.

Routing Slips:  The revised slips were handed out and discussed. It was suggested that the slip be printed on both sides. One side would have “return to” blank; the other side would have “return to” filled in with the name of the owning library.

It was also suggested to change the dropped book slip to another color and to change the wording to “dropped book from out of system.” Rachel and Noralee will revise the dropped book slip for the next meeting. 

Borrower registration questions:  Jean Marie asked what others were using for stat codes. Geoff said Bethlehem uses Bethlehem and Bethlehem School District.

Are we supposed to use all caps when filling in the name? Answer: It doesn’t seem to make any difference in Dynix like it did in DRA.

People present seemed to like the idea of spelling out road, street, avenue, etc.

Length of time for hold to be held:  There had been a complaint from a patron that by the time they received a hold notice, the time was up for them to pick up the requested items. Those present agreed that most libraries give extra time for hold items beyond the date printed on the hold card. The policy of those present varied from 4 to 14 days. 

Review/Revise ILL Code:  Another meeting was scheduled to follow the Resource Meeting and since we ran out of time, the ILL code will be discussed at the next meeting.

Other Business Comments:  Rawdon gave a report on hold notices. These notices are currently being processed at 4:00 AM and are being manually printed between 8:00 - 9:00 AM (printer sometimes jams). Friday’s printouts go out on Monday.

In an effort to get the hold notices out sooner, Rawdon with start processing holds at 4:00 AM, print them manually and they will go out the next morning in the courier bag. Nothing can be done about the 3 day lag time on the weekend.

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 15, 2003 at 9:00 AM at UHLS.