Resource Sharing Minutes

January 16,2003 Meeting Notes

Attendees: Gilliam Leonard (GUIL), Jean Marie Cole (GUIL), Lorraine Smi (VOOR), Gordon Noble (BETH), Geoff Kirkpatrick (BETH), Dawn Geurds (EGRN), Joe Nash (COLN), Betty Albright (BETH), Sara Dallas (UHLS), Karen Nuckolls (UHLS), Noralee Itchoak--notes (UHLS).

Sara chaired this month’s meeting.

Revision of patron registration cards: Karen distributed the current borrower registration cards and a window sample of the Horizon registration screen as it will appear in Horizon. Members were asked to compare the two and make them as similar as possible. It is necessary to make a recommendation on a format before the next printing of the registration cards.

Geoff distributed a template for Horizon fast adds.

Longer loan periods: For ILL materials sent out of the area, Noralee suggested a loan period of 5 to 6 weeks giving materials time to get to their destination and still giving patrons sufficient time to view these materials. A reminder was given to include paperwork in all materials being loaned to another library. It makes it easier to know where that material is going and also helps when the title requested is not the same as the title on the cover.

Migration update: Karen gave a report on what can be expected once we go on Horizon. In preparation for the go-live date of January 23rd, all libraries will begin using PC Reliance Friday January 17th. Rawdon will spend the night at UHLS doing this upload.

Security: Horizon uses generic names for security purposes, thus there will be fewer user names and libraries will have more control of security updates.

Calendar: Libraries will also have more control of calendar updates including loan dates and hours opened/closed.

Reports: Each library will be able to run their own reports so these will no longer be available on the Intranet. Administration with staff options is needed to run reports.

Other business: Discussion followed on a variety of topics.

Pool collection: Sara explained that pool collections will not be going out to the libraries for a few months. The multimedia collections will be organized in such a way, that they can move from library to library rather than coming back to UHLS using Item Group Editor. Libraries will be notified by UHLS when it’s time to rotate the collection to the next location. Stragglers will eventually “catch up” with their original collection.

Large print books will soon be put in a rotating collection.

All pool materials currently in member libraries will generate an “In transit” message when checked in or out. Please do not return these items.

Pull list: Some from the larger libraries voiced concern about being inundated with requests and suggested some kind of time line be set up. Gordon, who has had experience with Horizon v. 5.3, said it seemed to work itself out to everyone’s satisfaction. A suggestion was made to continue with the yellow routing slips, but attach the tape receipt to that slip.

Overdue notices: These currently originate from the owning library. Horizon does not have this feature, but a script has been written that will be initiated in a few months.

Notifying patrons: Email addresses have transferred over from DRA. This is a method in which patrons receive notices. The automatic telephone notification has not been install.

PC Reliance: Geoff suggested checking out all materials for 28 days, rather than for the different loan periods.

Staff Changes:
The interim director at VAFL is Sandi Goodman.

Ann Close, who has done interlibrary loan at COLN for many years, has retired as of January 10th. Currently, Zina Shevchiz and Joe Nash will fill that position.