Resource Sharing Minutes

November 13, 2002 Meeting Notes

Attendees: Lorraine Smi, Jean Marie Cole, Gillian Leonard, Ann Close, Dawn Geurds, Joe Nash, Jo-Ann Benedetti, Geoff Kirkpatrick, Barbara Kendall, Gordon Noble

ILL Contacts: Rachel distributed the ILL Contacts sheet and asked for corrections. Noralee will update the listings as needed.

COIL Update: Visit for the new Committee on Interlibrary Loan web pages that include forms, guidelines, standards, codes, etc. Also, there will be a new COIL award to be given to an ILL staff person. Watch the COIL pages for more information.

UAlbany and RPI Web Requests: Both UAlbany and RPI have implemented web-based ILL requests using ILLiad, at and Call the libraries first to set up usernames and passwords. UAlbany says that they no longer need to be regarded as the “last resort” lending library. Web-based requests sent to them will have the same priority as GAC requests.

Revised Patron Registration Cards: Beginning in January, we will be looking at the patron registration cards and the screens to consider revisions to both so that they match. NOTE: Bring sample cards and screen shots to the meeting.

2003 Meetings:
Thursday, January 16, 2003 from 9-11 AM at UHLS
Thursday, March 20, 2003 from 9-11 AM at UHLS
Thursday, May 2003 from 9-11 AM at UHLS

New Business: The group agreed that we need to meet with the Implementation Team to help us come up with a list of questions to consider. There are many issues that need discussion, such as “proxy” cardholders, X cards, multiple barcodes to the same account (“family” cards), and others, since epixtech has the capability to do so much more than DRA.

Question: When will the “test” databases be available?