Resource Sharing Minutes

September 18, 2002
Meeting held at William K. Sanford Public Library

Attendees: Jo-Ann Benedetti (UHLS), Barbara Kendall (BRUN), Mary Coon (APLM), Sue Dague (EGRN), Lorraine Smi (VOOR), Dawn Geurds (EGRN), Geoffrey Kirkpatrick (BETH), Mena Will (POES), Joe Nash (COLN), C. Seem (COLN), Ann Close (COLN), Noralee Itchoak (UHLS), Gillian Leonard (GUIL). Welcome to new Resource Sharing members Mary Coon and Sue Dague. Gordon Noble will be replacing Maureen Brown from BETH ILL.

Migration Update - Rachel distributed copies of the epixtech training schedules and sign up form, reminding everyone that for now, only one person from each library should attend each module. Rob Carle, the new UHLS trainer, will train other library staff and there will be many other opportunities for further training. The schedules and registration form can be found on the UHLS Intranet.

COIL and CaDiLaC Update - COIL will have a new ILL Manual and Directory on the CDLC web site ( Check the web site toward the end of the month for information about submitting nominations for a new ILL staff award, and for web-based ILL forms from SUNYA. The COIL committee will sponsor a program on "Professional Dilemmas in ILL" on May 22, 2003 at the Saratoga Springs BOCES. Topics to be covered include copyright issues, customer relations, and consortial duplication. CaDiLaC can continue to be used for searching, but is still not functioning smoothly for ILL transactions.

Send List Requests for Periodical Holdings - Geoff asked if other libraries have been receiving patron requests for periodicals via the Send List, now that those holdings are available in the online catalog. It was suggested that the holdings information be changed to "nonrequest." The patrons currently waiting should be contacted to ascertain their exact needs. This recommendation will be passed to the Directors Association for their consideration.

Paying Off Other Libraries’ Books - At EGRN, the circulation staff does not remove the item from a patron’s screen when the patron has lost another library’s book. Instead, EGRN sends the check and information to the owning library and adds a note to the Notes field. As an example, a note would read: EGRN patron has paid for $25.00 for lost book. 9/18/2002 RRB. The owning library, after receiving the check, would then clear the patron’s record and remove the note. This recommendation will be passed to the Directors Association for their consideration.

Damaged Books - Libraries are still sending damaged books to other libraries in response to ILL requests. Attached is a suggested form to use to clip to the item, and return the item to the owning library. Please let Rachel know of any changes to the form that might make it more responsive to individual library needs.

Family Plan Checkouts - Barbara asked if the new system would have a Family Plan like Innovative had. This would enable a family member, with prior permission and signature, to check out an item on their own card on behalf of another family member. Rachel will look into whether epixtech has this capability.

Dropped Book Slip - Noralee reminded everyone that the green slip should have the destination of the item written on it. Do not write UHLS on it. The item automatically comes to UHLS when it is placed in the courier bag. UHLS then needs to know where to send it next. Thank you!

Extended Due Dates - When sending an item to a library outside the region, please consider extending the due date to 4-5 weeks, to give the requesting library time to receive, process and get the item to the patron and back. Most libraries will reciprocate.

Library and Library System Directory - The New York State Library Division of Library Development published a directory of libraries and library systems in the state. Noralee has extra paper copies of this directory. An up-to-date web version can be found at

GAC - For the benefit of new members, Noralee described OCLC GAC and its advantages in obtaining quick ILL turnaround. Libraries that might be interested in becoming GAC members should contact Noralee for more information.

Next Meeting - It was agreed to postpone the next meeting until further notice, as we undergo the migration in the coming months.


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