Resource Sharing Minutes

March 20, 2002
Meeting held at Albany Public Library

Attendees: Lorraine Smi (VOOR); Ann Close, Joe Nash (COLN); Gillian Leonard, Jean Marie Cole, Donna Kelly (GUIL); Dawn Geurds, Joyce Jack (EGRN); Pat Gerou, Geoff Kirkpatrick (BETH); John Cirrin (APLM); Jo-Ann Benedetti, Noralee Itchoak [notes], (UHLS).

ILL Continuing Education Alert: The CDLC Committee on Interlibrary Loan (COIL) is sponsoring a program on May 29, 2002 entitled "Up to Speed: Interlibrary Loan Technologies for Today and Tomorrow." The program will be held in the Student Union Building at Siena College on May 29th from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Cost is $12 and includes lunch. Some of the topics to be covered are an update on CaDiLaC Online, document delivery alternatives, serials solutions, Ariel, CLIO and ILLIAD. An email and print invitation will be sent out shortly.

Lost Receipt Parameters: The Directors Association noted that replacement costs for lost materials should be remitted to the owning library by check--no cash. They approved the form with some minor changes. Rachel will distribute the form by email and hard copy. The form will have the receipt form on one side and important information on the other and will be printed two to a page. A sample is also available here.

Agency Cards: The Directors Association has approved these cards for use in the patron's home library only.

Patron email addresses: The Directors Association agreed that patron email addresses need to be kept updated. If the library receives a bounced-back email message, the Notes field should be used to remind staff to ask the patron for a new email address. It was brought up that email requests, while convenient in one sense, are difficult to sort and the patron ID number has to be put in by hand. It is hoped that the new automation system will remedy these problems.

General Discussion: Several items were brought up for open discussion:

  1. Joyce (EGRN) asked if videos could be requested from Questar.
    Answer: Yes, if that's their policy.
  2. Ann (COLN) said she's been mailing back dropped books and asked what the policy was for dropped books.
    Answer: If a dropped book is from a library within any of the courier systems, it can be returned by courier. If it's out of courier range but has an address it should be mailed. If in doubt, call Noralee and she will look it up.
  3. Noralee (UHLS) brought up the problem of routing in a book with no request attached. This seems to be a widespread problem for everyone.
    Answer: This seems to be yet another "glitch" in DRA. Because migration to epixtech should be fairly soon, it's probably not worth trying to fix this problem.
  4. Jean (GUIL) noticed that there is a request for material belonging to another library on the Send Item List, but it won't be On Defer.
    Answer: Another "glitch" not worth pursuing.
  5. Courier problems: In January, Velocity changed their policy--all runs are contracted to individual drivers with their own vans. Two of the UHLS drivers are working out OK, but there has been problems with the third.
    Answer: Patience!!! Major problem should be reported to Sara.
  6. John (APLM) wants more bag tags for BETH, COLN, GUIL, UHLS and APL branches.
    Answer: Sara will be apprised of the need for tags.
  7. Many others voiced a need for forward sort tags.
  8. Geoff (BETH) reported that BETH videos over 6 months may now be requested. All videos may be borrowed. The loan period is 7 days and can be renewed.
  9. Jean (GUIL)--there is a problem with DVD damages. Also, because the DVD area is sometimes blank, there is no way of knowing if the correct title is in the correct case.
    Answer: No one knew of any way of repairing damages or of any way to label DVD's. Rachel (UHLS) is planning a workshop for September covering basic repairs of AV materials.
  10. Dawn (EGRN) notifies libraries when EGRN is the only holder for a requested item and was asking about an updated email list.
    Answer: It was agreed to continue using the general email address, i.e. coln1, beth1, etc. A reminder that all libraries except APLM want to be notified when an requested item is missing.
  11. Rachel (UHLS) suggested an updated Circulation Alert that would include the following reminders:
    1. Use proper 4 letter code for libraries, i.e., BETH, COHS, RCSC; not BPL, CHS, RAV.
    2. Return excess courier tags to Sara.
    3. Be sure only one name appears on the routing slip in a book. Any other names should be crossed off.
    4. Items with more than one unit should have only one of the units barcoded. The other unit should be marked Non Request.
  12. Reminder: If you want to send an email to the resource group (ILL and Circ), it should be sent to:
  13. Email programs: Rawdon will initiate IMAIL in the very near future. One advantage of this program will be the ability to retrieve mail from any where. Those currently using Outlook Express and wanting more security should switch to Outlook. Rachel will ask Rawdon to demo IMail at an upcoming Resource meeting.

The next Resource Sharing Advisory Council meeting will be held at Sand Lake on May 15, 2002. Circulation at 9:00 AM and ILL at 10:00 AM. Everyone is welcome to stay for both meetings.