Library Advocacy Minutes

JANUARY 30, 2002

PRESENT: Phil Ritter, Karen Nuckolls (notes), Mary Fellows (UHLS); Ginny LaJuene, Pat Spohr (ALTM); John Pyrzenski (CAST); Pat Carlson, Carol Trager, Frank Neaton, Pat Neaton (BRUN); Margie Morris, Lou Anne Lundgren (POES); Pat Nonamaker (EGRN); Barbara Kubli (STEP); Barbara Nichols Randall, Robert E. Ganz (GUIL)

P. Ritter opened the meeting with introductions and then began with the Agenda items, reiterating that all interested UHLS members, especially boards of trustees, are welcome to attend.

UHLS is a 501C3 state organization and as such, cannot lobby. We can advocate, however. National issues were then discussed, and M. Fellows listed them on the board:

  1. LSTA - reauthorization of, and library funding in general
  2. CIPA
  3. Copyright and UCITA
  4. Telecom & E-rate
  5. Access to government information (Patriot Act)

New York State issues:

  1. Governor’s budget keeps library support at 88.9 million dollars, which at least is stable.
  2. Lobby Day - March 19
  3. New Century Libraries
  4. NOVEL
  5. State Librarys proposed move from the Education Dept.

Albany/Rensselaer counties issues:

  1. County funding is shrinking (or not there)
  2. Members of the council should attend library board meetings

Other issues:

  1. Unchartered areas
  2. Served areas - each has a different problem which requires a different resolution

Possible Actions:

  1. Collaboration with local organizations
  2. Facts sheets on libraries for their respective representatives (use mapping software to enhance this >testimonial=)
  3. Invite reps to your library for events, etc.
  4. Send letters to them about how you=re spending their monies; articles in local paper...

P. Ritter discussed focusing on a few issues, and how to get more people involved. It was suggested that a list of key contacts would be beneficial.

G. LaJuene said that ILL is a key part; sharing regionally is important to stress.

Empire Friends - Libby Pataki is a member. Use her to bring more members in to support libraries.

Lobby Day - bring Fact Sheet; candy, books, bookmarks with library photos.

P. Ritter next said that the council needed to select a chair. B. Kubli nominated P. Ritter.

P. Nonamaker seconded the motion. P. Ritter said that he was willing to serve as chair through Lobby Day, but it would be more effective if a chair could be chosen from among the libraries and their trustees.

How often should the council meet? It was decided that every other month was a good idea.

Night meetings would be best, in order to allow more trustees to take part.

UHLS would send out a list of legislative representatives and a council member e-mail list.

The meeting adjourned at 8:38 pm.

NEXT MEETING: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6. Sandwiches would be served at 6:30; meeting will begin at 7 pm.