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We purchase and maintain the servers and peripherals that support the integrated library system (ILS), web sites, email, TeleCirc, Terminal Services, and other applications.

Library hardware

As our resources allow, we will support as much as possible the IT hardware in the libraries.

Integrated Library System (ILS)

Our ILS is the SirsiDynix Horizon system, which runs in Solaris 9 on a Sun V880 server with four CPUs and 8GB of RAM.

Horizon Information Portal (HIP)

The Hip is the public interface to the library catalog, and it runs on its own server -- a Dell PowerEdge 2500 with 3GB of RAM, running Windows 2000 SP4.


TeleCirc is the automated phone notification system that we use to call patrons about items that have been requested by them and are now available to be picked up, or about items on loan to them that are overdue. TeleCirc makes more than 170,000 calls a year. The application runs on a Dell Optiplex GX260 with 500MB of RAM, running Windows 2000 SP4.


vufind is another interface (like the HIP) to our catalog, and it runs on its own server -- a virtual server running Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2, with 3.62 GB of RAM.

Remote Desktop Service (aka Terminal Service)

Remote Desktop Services is used by more than twenty of our (mostly small) libraries to improve their response time when interacting with our circulation system. Because the processing takes place on our server rather than on their desktops, the amount of data transferred back and forth between the libraries and UHLS is greatly reduced, and therefore so is their response time.

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