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Contact Person
Pat Sahr
Jane Visconti or Pat Sahr
Charge per page
.15 per page
Other Address, phone numbers, e-mail, web site.

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Finding Aids no
Scope The local history collection contains monographs and manuscript collections dealing with the Town of Nassau and some of the surrounding areas.
Local History Monographs on local history
Vertical files of materials of local interest
Genealogy Monographs
see also Ralph Phillips Papers
Archives Ralph Phillips Collections - containing genealogical research, correspondence and monographs belonging to Ralph Phillips
Local cemetery and church records (copies)
Winters' postcard collection
Kosegarten collection - postcards, photographs and scrapbooks of the Grubb & Kosegarten Piano Action Works
School photograph collection
Sanford Young collection of photographs and clippings
Artifacts Tools from the Heermance wagon factory

Online Collection of Primary Sources

Online.gif (1353 bytes) Records & Photographs from the Grubb & Kosegarten Piano Action Factory.
The Ralph Phillips Genealogy Collection.

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