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Piano Action Factory -- Village of Nassau, New York

The Kosegarten Brothers Piano Action Works factory in the village of Nassau played an important role in early 1900s village life. In operation from around 1905 to 1928, it employed up to 160 men and women. Workers manufactured approximately 35,000 piano actions per year. The factory closed when radio and other forms of amusements replaced in-home entertainment. The Nassau Free Library has a collection of photographs, log books and early reminiscences from this factory that were donated by the Kosegarten family.

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Grubb & Kosegarten Brothers, Piano Forte Actions, Nassau, N.Y.


Cash Book, July 1904 - April 1905

Ledger Book, July 1904 - August 1905

Early Piano Makers in the Townships of Nassau and Schodack

Charles W. Kosegarten



Ralph Phillips Genealogy Collection -- Nassau, New York

Ralph Phillips traced family histories for nearly 70 years. The Nassau Free Library now houses these many files that contain names, dates and other information through which one can trace family roots. The following is a list of the family names he researched.

Ralph Phillips Genealogy Collection


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