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Darlene Miller
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Scope The local history collection of the Castleton Public Library contains materials on the Village of Castleton and the immediate surrounding area. There are a few materials on Rensselaer County. The collection includes a number of locally published histories of the village and the area churches.
Local History Local history monographs
Locally published histories of local churches
Alice Walsh - "Who’s minding the Store, Castleton 1800-1900"
The Castleton Press (local newspaper) odd issues
Archives High school yearbooks c. 1927 to present
Hill Topics (Student newspaper ) 1938-1942
Rev. Ed. Tan’s history of Castleton monuments
Records of the Castleton Study Club - c. 1923- present
Cemetery descriptions of Nassau-Schodak Cemetery
Castleton Library Archives

Online Collection of Primary Sources

Online.gif (1353 bytes) Records of  The Castleton-on-Hudson Study Club.

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