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Contact Person
Nancy Pieri
Mary Trev Thomas
Charge per page
$.10/ page
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Finding Aids Monographs and periodicals are catalogued. There is a card index to the vertical files. Some descriptive work has been done on the archival collections, but it is not complete.
Scope This collection concentrates on the history of the town of Bethlehem. Vertical files contain topical clippings on the history of the area, information about local business, and genealogical information.
Local History Monographs and periodicals
City Directories for area localities
Town Board minutes, budgets and other records (selected)
Clipping files
Local newspapers
Genealogy Monographs and periodicals
Vertical file of genealogical materials
Archives Bethlehem White Christmas - Records, 1947-1969
Delmar Home Bureau - Scrapbooks, 1939-1966
500 Kenwood Ave. (Universal Hall) - Pictures, 1990-1991
Paddock, Howard - Papers, 1888-1969
Pine Hills Fortnightly Club - Yearbooks, 1963-1975
Tri-Village Area Directory Association - records, 1967, 1974
Bethlehem Public Library - Bicentennial Pictures, 1991-
Bethlehem Central School - Scrapbook, 1934-1935
Artifacts Matchbooks from local businesses
Meet the Mayor game, 1986
Knickerbocker News, 4/15/1988 (last edition)
The Network Compact

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