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Jeffrey Cannell
Ellen Gamache; Jim Hobin
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Scope The Albany Public Library’s local history collections contains materials concerning the City of Albany and Albany County and to a lesser extent, there are materials relating to the entire Capital Region of New York State and New Netherlands. The collection also contains copies of works with local Albany imprints. An extensive collection of local newspapers beginning in 1788 is available on microfilm. The library does not collect manuscript collections or family papers. A large vertical file of clippings was closed in 1988 and microfilmed. There is an indexed collection of pamphlets and ephemera from local organizations. Local newspapers are available on microfilm.
Local History Local history monographs
Local Albany imprints
Vertical file (closed in 1988 and microfilmed)
City Directories
Albany authors (mostly late 19th & early 20th centuries)
Albany County government publications
Albany City government publications
Local newspapers (microfilm)
Genealogy City Directories
Selected Census Records
Some materials within the Local History collections
Archives Local organization pamphlets
Photographs of Morris Gurber (mostly architectural)
Albany Public Library records

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